Saturday, 27 February 2010


Everyone has different definition of being happy.What I follow would be different from others so you can share your ways that motivates you to be happy

1)Learn to give: Giving is always remembered and giving something to charity is always a added happiness to someone .I make sure that the clothes that are out of fashion or the clothes that don't fit should go to charity.

2)Eat more avocados:I was told that avocados help produce vitamin b6 that help produce serotonin.So Thats what I do in the morning.

3)Fix your career: Sometimes working at office can become boring when it becomes a routine .I try to decorate my desk with some motivational and funny pictures to keep me happy.

4)Do more yoga:Doing everyday yoga helps me reduce depression because of personal problems and professional pressure.If anyone interested to try out go to website for some useful yoga steps.

5) Spritz with essential oils.Good scented oil with different fragrance helps me balance my mood.Currently I am using vanilla essential oil which calms me my weekly stress .

6)Stock up strawberries: Vitamin C strawberries can boost up your immune system and fight brain cell damage.I stock up during season and use in variety.The hmm mm factor makes me forget my worries

7)Add chicpeas to your diet: Chickpeas contain folate which helps make dopamine,associated with pleasure

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Work balance life

This topic is dedicated to my boss who follow these steps to be happy.I was sitting with her the other day discussing how she manages to be so happy under pressure.She gave me some tips which I would like to share

1)Stop seeking perfection:Perfection is good at one point to prove excellence but on the other hand it creates obsession with meeting inhuman standards that can cause anxiety,low self esteem .

2)Be a happy worker:Why work should damper your spirits at home.Live lively at home when things go bad at work

3)Attention:Sometimes its difficult to focus at work.Meditation can help gain that focus that is necessary in everyday life

4)Learn to say no:It is not necessary to be straightforward to say no.You can deal diplomatically by having plan B in order to say no

5)Practice daily rituals:Good rituals are necessary for emotional,psychological and spiritual health

6)Reclaim your days:Slowdown the pace of your life by accepting the things and finding out what really matters to you

7)De stress your day:Exercise is one of the most important tool for battling stress .It can help restore your hormone and calm your nervous system

Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Basic dental care includes brushing and flossing your your teeth regularly.

1)Brush your teeth twice a day -- in the morning and night.This removes plague which can damage the teeth,gums and surrounding bone.

2)Use a toothpaste that contains fluoride which help prevent tooth decay and cavities

3)Avoid food that contains lots of sugar.Sugar helps plague grow.

4)Avoid using to tobacco products which can cause gum disease and oral cancer.

5)Practice tongue cleaning .It is specially good for those who smoke.

6)If you are pregnant eat a balanced nutritious diet and get adequate amount of vitamins and minerals.They should get their dental checked before giving birth and have any gums or cavities diesese treated .

1)For regular cleaning and examination
2)If your gums bleed
3)If your teeth are loose and moving apart
4)If your gums are red ,swollen or tender
5)If you loose filling
6)If your mouth is sore for past 2 weeks
7)If you have a bad breath that does not go away

1)Eat a balanced diet that contains whole grains,vegetables and fruits.
2)Mozerella and other cheese ,peanuts, yoghurt ,milk,and sugar free chewing gum are good for your teeth
3)Avoid food that contains a lot of sugar .The longer sugar stays in contact with your teeth the more damage sugar will do.
4)Do not snack before bedtime.Any leftovers in the mouth can cause cavities
5)Do not use tobacco as it will have mouth cancer or gum disease .

Sunday, 7 February 2010


This is the methods suggested by skin specialist for good skin in everyday life.Thought of sharing it with you
1)Try a kitchen facial:For soothing and moisturising the home made treatment offers the best for inner calm and healthy glow.

2)Get steamy:When your skin is pale and tired a steam treatment can bring healthy glow

3)Coffee:A skin softening body scrub made out of coffee grounds is a luxurious way to start a day.This treatment is used in Thailand

4)Seal in the moisture:Its important to use a good toner to a clean skin before applying any moisturizer.

5)Rub in it:A simple face massage clears out puffiness and reduces fatigue in the sun

6)Sip some soup:Natural indegrients in the soup help the skin to remain moisture and supple for radiant skin

7)Brighten up:Use mask which will exfoliates and stimulates circulation in the face resulting in warm rosy glow.

8)Eat well:Eat foods which have fatty acids,vitamin c and minerals to keep you look healthy.