Saturday, 27 February 2010


Everyone has different definition of being happy.What I follow would be different from others so you can share your ways that motivates you to be happy

1)Learn to give: Giving is always remembered and giving something to charity is always a added happiness to someone .I make sure that the clothes that are out of fashion or the clothes that don't fit should go to charity.

2)Eat more avocados:I was told that avocados help produce vitamin b6 that help produce serotonin.So Thats what I do in the morning.

3)Fix your career: Sometimes working at office can become boring when it becomes a routine .I try to decorate my desk with some motivational and funny pictures to keep me happy.

4)Do more yoga:Doing everyday yoga helps me reduce depression because of personal problems and professional pressure.If anyone interested to try out go to website for some useful yoga steps.

5) Spritz with essential oils.Good scented oil with different fragrance helps me balance my mood.Currently I am using vanilla essential oil which calms me my weekly stress .

6)Stock up strawberries: Vitamin C strawberries can boost up your immune system and fight brain cell damage.I stock up during season and use in variety.The hmm mm factor makes me forget my worries

7)Add chicpeas to your diet: Chickpeas contain folate which helps make dopamine,associated with pleasure