Sunday, 7 February 2010


This is the methods suggested by skin specialist for good skin in everyday life.Thought of sharing it with you
1)Try a kitchen facial:For soothing and moisturising the home made treatment offers the best for inner calm and healthy glow.

2)Get steamy:When your skin is pale and tired a steam treatment can bring healthy glow

3)Coffee:A skin softening body scrub made out of coffee grounds is a luxurious way to start a day.This treatment is used in Thailand

4)Seal in the moisture:Its important to use a good toner to a clean skin before applying any moisturizer.

5)Rub in it:A simple face massage clears out puffiness and reduces fatigue in the sun

6)Sip some soup:Natural indegrients in the soup help the skin to remain moisture and supple for radiant skin

7)Brighten up:Use mask which will exfoliates and stimulates circulation in the face resulting in warm rosy glow.

8)Eat well:Eat foods which have fatty acids,vitamin c and minerals to keep you look healthy.