Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Work balance life

This topic is dedicated to my boss who follow these steps to be happy.I was sitting with her the other day discussing how she manages to be so happy under pressure.She gave me some tips which I would like to share

1)Stop seeking perfection:Perfection is good at one point to prove excellence but on the other hand it creates obsession with meeting inhuman standards that can cause anxiety,low self esteem .

2)Be a happy worker:Why work should damper your spirits at home.Live lively at home when things go bad at work

3)Attention:Sometimes its difficult to focus at work.Meditation can help gain that focus that is necessary in everyday life

4)Learn to say no:It is not necessary to be straightforward to say no.You can deal diplomatically by having plan B in order to say no

5)Practice daily rituals:Good rituals are necessary for emotional,psychological and spiritual health

6)Reclaim your days:Slowdown the pace of your life by accepting the things and finding out what really matters to you

7)De stress your day:Exercise is one of the most important tool for battling stress .It can help restore your hormone and calm your nervous system


  1. Nice tips...but your lucky to hav a boss like this...otherwise these bosses are #$%#!!

    Sorry was not able to come to your blog as i forgot that u have changed your blog...so added your new blog list...will not miss it again!!

    take care!!

  2. No problem nazish and thanks for your comment .I love your blog anyways as you will always be my first visitor